2015 Water Quality Monitoring Report

As part of the ongoing work of the Miner Lake Improvement Board, we contract with Progressive AE to assess and report on the overall water quality and vegetation present in Miner Lake.

The specialists from Progressive AE visit the lake at least twice each year and perform a series of tests and observations and compile a report for our review. Below is the summary finding as well as the supporting documents:

With respect to water quality, phosphorus and chlorophyll a readings in 2015 were low indicating good water quality. Secchi transparency readings in 2015 were not as good as 2014, and were similar to transparency readings taken in 2013.

Plant survey results indicate that Miner Lake has a good diversity of aquatic plants with 14 native submersed aquatic plant species found in the lake in 2015. The two exotic plant species of concern, Eurasian milfoil and starry stonewort, were found at relative densities of 7.8% and 10.9% respectively in 2015, similar to what was observed in 2014. Thus, these exotic species do not appear to be spreading significantly in the lake although additional monitoring this year will give us a better idea of if a treatment program may be warranted.

Here are the individual reports for your review:

2015 Miner Lake Water Quality Data

Lake Water Quality – General Document

Overview of Eurasian Milfoil

Overview of Stonewort

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