Miner Lake Dam Work to Begin Dec 5th

We received notice from the Allegan County Drain Commissioner that the planned work on the dam would begin the week of December 5th. The contractor, Riverworks Construction, will be onsite as soon as December 5, 2016 and the estimated project completion date is May 31, 2017.

We will post updates and notices as we receive them.

We suspect there will be questions about the May 31 date and how, or if, it will impact summer lake levels. At this point we do not have an updated answer to that question, but previously we were told the project would not result in lake levels shifting from normal (winter or summer).

A .pdf copy of the notice is available for review: stoney-point-drive-letter-11-28-16

2 Responses

  1. Sam, I was asked by a resident if we had received an itemized billing for the dam. I told him I would ask you. Thanks.

    • Helen –

      I requested a detailed list of charges for this project. The Drain Commissioner advised that she would send a list of new invoices, but that a recent staff departure might result in some delay. I expect to get those within the next week.


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