Public Access to Lake – DNR Proposes Changes

Update 3/20/17:

We have been in contact with the current owner as well as the previous owner and have some clarification on this matter. The property in question was briefly listed for sale in October 2016, but the listing was removed because a family member, of the owner, purchased the property.

It appears the DNR became aware of the listing during this brief window and began internal efforts to acquire the parcel. However, it is not on the market and the new owner does not wish to sell the property and does not support its use as an expansion of the current public boat launch.

The Miner Lake Property Owners Assn appreciates the clarification and agree with the owners that an expansion of the public launch is not in the best interest of Miner Lake property owners.

Finally, there was some concern about the possibility the DNR might pursue a forced sale of this parcel. At this point we have no indication of the DNR acting in this agressive and unsupported manner. The property owners have contacted the DNR to confirm the property is not on the market. The MLPOA will continue to support the owners to retain this property for their immediate family use.


Original Article:

This past week, we were informed of a proposed plan to purchase property adjacent to the current public access on Miner Lake. The DNR is seeking to purchase the parcel immediately to the East of the current launch in an effort to expand the site and address what they believe are parking issues.

It appears beginning in October 2016, an internal DNR communication (click to view) proposed the purchase of a 1.5 acre parcel with 120 ft of lake frontage. The asking price was $225,000 and the funds to pay for the purchase were to come from the Waterways Program  (2017 FY).

Aerial Photo - Public Access
Image of existing parcel and proposed addition

As an association we want your input but we have some immediate concerns. First we do not believe this proposal has been presented or publicized in a helpful manner. Second, the planned use or future intended use is not clear (number of additional spaces, possibility of a park or other public use?) Third, our historical monitoring and lake carrying capacity studies do not support the additional capacity these changes might bring. Finally, the overall cost of a project like this may not be the best use of our tax and improvement dollars.

The DNR indicated they were going to move forward with an official offer on the property and requested the Allegan Township Board to provide written acknowledgement of the planned purchase. It is my understanding that Steve Schulz , Township Supervisor, replied with concern that the property was not zoned for this use and the State would need to address that (as well as potential concerns) before executing the plan.

We encourage our members to contact the Allegan Township Board (by phone or in writing) and attend the next scheduled meeting (April 3 at 7:30pm). I have been informed that the Miner Lake Assn and members would be advised if a zoning change was requested. Please share this article with your neighbors and comment below or respond to association leaders with ideas.



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