Web Site Enhancement – Meeting and Water Quality Documents

Over the past few years, we have tried publishing the meeting minutes and presentations as well as the annual water quality reports to the website, But we have heard from some members that they have been unable to find them.

So the help collect the post, we are adding a new page to the site which collects all of these documents in a single running page. They will still be posted as articles, but also appear in reverse chronological order on the pages.

The pages are:

Meeting Documents: Meeting minutes, presentations and meeting notices

Water Quality Documents: Material provided by as part of our ongoing water quality monitoring work

You can use the Search feature to find the pages or they are also listed under “About Miner Lake” in the main navigation.

For those of you receiving email notices when articles are posted, you may see several notices as we re-post several of these documents to ensure they appear as intended.

Please review these new pages and provide some feedback.


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