High water level on Miner Lake

The rain over the last few days has resulted in very high water levels. In many areas water is over the banks and into yards.

Please be considerate and make every effort to limit your activity on the lake and the creation of wake. The movement of water onto shore creates an issue in three main areas:

  1. Erosion of beaches and other shoreline
  2. Increases water exchange in flooded areas with septic systems
  3. Boats and dock sections can come loose due to wake

These issues ultimately effect all of us. The erosion causes issues with the various passes and shallow areas and the impact to drain fields can lead to waste water interfacing with the lake without the benefit of leaching through soil. Neither of these events are beneficial for the lake or those of us who enjoy using it.

The Drain Commissioner will be called on Monday to evaluate the downstream drains and their ability to accept additional capacity. If they can safely remove a couple sections of the dam they will do so. We appreciate their attention to this and will remain in contact with them.

In the mean time, the best thing we can do is to limit activity and respect the property of others and health of the lake until the level comes back down (usually 24-48 hours).

Thank you!

Miner Lake Association Leadership

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  1. How do we know when it is OK to create a wake again? Who decides and how do they let us know? We have some friends coming in from out of town who would like to tube and water ski.
    John Walstrum

    • John, our recommendation is to limit use that creates a wake until the water is back to near-normal levels. Given that we don’t not have direct authority to restrict traffic, there is not an official “all clear.”

      The easiest measure is your assessment of typical lake levels at your dock or shoreline.

      By my estimate, the lake has resided at least 4-5” but has at least that much before returning to normal. Absent additional rain or downstream issues we typically reach normal levels 4-5 days following significant rain events.

      (Note: I took pictures on Sunday at the dam as well as at multiple downstream locations. All seemed to be flowing well, but there was significant flooding for our residents immediately downstream of the dam.

      I’ve asked the drain commissioner to inspect the length of Miner Creek to determine if there are any obstructions (not visible from the roadways). )

      If the lake remains slightly elevated, please take measures to create minimal wake and operate further from shore to allow the wake time/space to slightly dissipate.

      Thanks for being considerate of our neighbors while still enjoying our great location!

  2. The Drain Commissioner cannot pull boards, because it violates the court order and the agreement for the easement.

  3. Wondering how the lake levels are looking? We use the public launch and would love to go out and let our kids surf but want to be sure not to compromise anyones property!

    • Sara, again thanks for being considerate. As you know surfing generates a much larger wake, but as noted in my other reply I anticipate return to normal levels by Friday.

      Many lawns will still be a bit soggy, but hopefully they will even improve for the weekend!

  4. Wondering how the lake looks? We use the public launch and would love to take our kids out tubing but we want to be careful not to harm anyone’s property.

    • Sara, thanks for checking!

      As of this evening the lake is nearing normal level. Absent any rain I would anticipate a return to normal by Friday mid-day at the latest.


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