RESULTS: Sewer Survey / Refreshed Project Plan

Responses to the survey included in the Spring 2021 newsletter have tapered off, but our return rate is 60% (considered very good for a survey). We know this can be a complicated and contenious topic. That is why we continue encouraging residents to complete and submit their survey – ideally, we want to hear from all of our residents.

The results indicate sustained, clear support for the decision Allegan Township made (June 7, 2021) to help us understand current options and costs for a sewer project by funding an updated plan.

Question One

I am in favor of the Township updating the project plan for sewer for Miner Lake. I understand this does not indicate my obligation to a final sewer project.

The responses were nearly 3:1 in favor of an updated plan.

Question Two

Right now, my overall feeling about sewer at Miner Lake is:

The responses were similarly favorable and representative of the support shown in question one.

Note: “blank” results indicate they didn’t answer the question or failed to complete any of the required details on the other side

Next Steps

As reported earlier, at their June meeting the Allegan Township Board passed a motion to move forward with an update to the sewer plan for Miner Lake (using the 2007 plan as a basis). The board believes updated and accurate information is essential. In anticipation, the Township’s annual budget includes funds earmarked for this purpose and the Township will cover the cost of this update.

Additional details remain, such as the timing and confirmation of the engineering firm to perform the update, but we are encouraged by the support and action the Board has provided.

Timing for the completed update remains uncertain – best estimate Fall 2021 – but we are pleased the process is moving forward.

Unsubmitted Surveys

Although the urgency for survey responses had decreased, we absolutely want to hear from all of our residents. Your perspectives and concerns will inform our shared conversation. If you have not done so, please send in your survey. We will continue collecting and updating the results.

Our promise is to do all we can to provide accurate, timely and thoughtful information. We have published a Sewer Q&A post with some of the topics or questions we have received.

We look forward to the updated project plan and expect it can provide additional facts, details and initial cost estimates our community needs to make an informed decision.

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