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If you own a cottage that you rent and want to be listed on this page, please complete the form below:

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We are happy to help you list your property (on Miner Lake) for rental.

Please provide the details below and we will create a sample page for you to view and approve.

A couple things to know about this service:
  • - This is offered only for properties on Miner Lake.
  • - We do not provide booking services, prospects will contact you to make those arrangements.
  • - We are open to suggestions, but remember we are volunteer leadership and have limited time for enhancements and updates.
  • - If details change related to your property, it will be your responsibility to contact us

Finally, there is a $30 fee (annual) for this listing.

Now, let's get your property posted!
  • Owner Details

    Please tell us a bit about you (the property owner/manager)...

    We will post only those details you agree to have displayed.
  • If owned or managed by a company
  • Is this property listed anywhere else that you would like us to link to?
  • What contact information do you want listed?

  • Property Details

    So, now tell us a bit about the property...
  • We assume Allegan, MI 49010
  • You have 2,000 characters, so brag a bit...
  • What is stocked in the property? What water equipment can they use? Is there tv/cable/satellite? or any other things of note...
  • Again, this is up to you to clarify with the renter, but we suggest formatting something like:
    $1,000/week November-April
    $1,200/week May-October
    Holiday Weeks $1,700
    Deposit $500
  • This will be the Featured image, all others will be part of a gallery.
  • Thanks for completing the form. If you have any questions or suggestions about this process please leave a note below.

  • We will build a sample listing for you to view/approve within the next 7 days.

    At that time we will invoice you via PayPal.

    Thank you!

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