NOTICE: Treatment of Invasive Plants Completed June 10th

The scheduled treatment of invasive plants has occurred today (6/10/2021). The applicator (PLM) placed bright yellow signs in front of all houses (within 100ft of treatment). Those signs indicate the use restrictions. We published earlier articles, but here is an additional summary.

Treatment Area

Use Restrictions

The use official restrictions are detailed above, but to clarify, they are:
Swimming is 1-day restriction (running through Friday, June 11, 2021)
Watering of Turf (lawns) has no restriction
Watering of Ornamentals (plants and vegetables) are dependent on measured levels at 1ppb (part per billion) or less

Water samples will be collected within 6-8 days following application. The samples will be tested to determine if any measurable amount of the treatment remains. Testing takes approximately 5-7 days to complete.

Notice of test results will be posted on the association website as soon as they are known – likely 2 weeks following treatment.

Based on prior experience (PLM has applied these treatments many hundreds of times) we expect the samples to indicate ‘no detectable traces’. This mean the plans have absorbed much of the treatment, and the remaining has been diluted to less than 1ppb.

However, we caution residents to refrain from watering plants and vegetables until the results are confirmed.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for all you do! The communication about this and the sewer has been excellent and appreciates!

  2. Sam, do you know if there is a posting at the public access? I had someone ask me that today and I couldn’t answer them. FYI: people swim over there.

    • Teresa, yes, there was a posting at the launch. I went over to confirm and it was there and visible.

      I also asked the couple people who were over there (not in the water) if they were aware, and they all said “Yes.”

      The sign posted meets the legal requirements, but if we do future treatments, I may ask that they offer a larger sign.

      Thanks for asking!


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