Notice of Public Hearing – Proposed Zoning Change

Miner Lake property owners may have received notice (depending on proximity) of a request for rezoning of a parcel from Lake Residential to Neighborhood Commercial C-1 to build and operate and indoor/outdoor boat storage.

The public meeting is to be held at the

Allegan Township Hall
3037 118th ave., Allegan, MI 49010
and is scheduled for
May 20, 2019
at 7:30 PM 

Included is a link to a copy of the notice as well as an image with the same content. Also included is an image identifying what is understood to be the parcel in question (based on my read of the notice). The parcel map was obtained from the Allegan County tax map web site –


If you wish to comment, please plan on attending the scheduled hearing. You may also comment to this article, but your best opportunity to express your opinion is to attend the hearing.

MLPOA - Zoning Notice 2019



4 Responses

  1. We are very concerned about the rezoning request to C-1. I feel that it would increase traffic, decrease property values and cause deterioration in our residential environment. I also think the owner of the property significantly decreased the value of his property by not selectively clearing trees so that the property would be more attractive to those who would like to build a home on the site.
    Jim and Sandy Wheat
    2555 Lorraine Dr.

  2. The letter I sent in opposition.
    Shana Lussenhop
    640 S. Bristol Lane

    Arlington Heights, IL 60005

    May 12, 2019
    Ted Heckman
    Allegan Township Planning Commission
    3037 118th Ave.
    Allegan, MI
    Dear Mr. Heckman:
    I strongly urge the Planning Committee to reject the request to rezone the property listed below from Lake Residential to Neighborhood Commercial.
    The property is located at:
    COM W 14 COR TH E 1347' TH S 10.7' TO POB THE S 69 DEG 38'7" E 806.69' TH S13 DEG 25'15"W 183.64' TH N 60 DEG 36'21" W 289.96' TH S 86 DEG 31'59" W304.83 THS 71 DEG 06'20" W 169.25' TH N 390.18' TO POB SEC 12 T2N R31W(2018) SPLIT/COMBINED ON 2/22/2018 FROM 01-012-020-00, 01-012-011-00.
    I co-own property at 2475 Pt. Lorraine Drive with my brother John Hudson. My family has owned this cottage since 1976. I have been visiting and enjoying Miner Lake for over forty-eight years. It has always been a safe, clean place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty with family and friends.
    Rezoning commercial will dramatically change the landscape and deteriorate the natural environment. The additional traffic of a business will overwhelm the single, small road to the property and cause additional stress on the lake itself. We do not have proper roads, water or sewers to handle this without causing significant damage to the surrounding properties such as mine. If you approve, I would expect additional noise, traffic, pollution as well as increased flooding on my property as a result of the build. I urge you to consider the needs of the current property owners and reject the proposal.

    Shana Lussenhop

    Miner Lake property owner
    2475 Pt. Lorraine Drive
    Allegan, MI 40910

  3. The letter I sent in opposition.

  4. What was the result of this hearing? Why were some residents not notified “depending on proximity”?


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